Sinahe, The Guardian

Welcome to the Veil Lands, where you will find an eclectic collection of my stuff organized in a similar fashion to my room at home (and as anyone who has come into my room before and grabbed a vase before it crashes to the ground, stepped over a sleeping dragon, or discussed philosophy with the daemon resting in one of the corners while attempting not to wake the Cat sleeping on the bed knows - Raven's room can be cramped full of oddities one would never expect to see in the same room together...)

This site is also will house a section of my online gallery, where I will post my latest artwork that wasn't necessarily done with the intention of adding it to my online portfolio, but ended up being something interesting anyway.

Requests for commissions can be emailed to, please email me with details such as subject matter, what type of media (traditional or digital), etc. For those wanting pictures done for their characters, please sent as much detail as you can about the character you want drawn. When I receive the request, I will go over it, estimate how long it will take me, and what type of material costs will be involved.




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