Sinahe, The Guardian

I'm a yote... a slobbery drooly blue yote... I'm a yote... nothing quite like me... la! (Ok ok.. so there is one other friend I have out there that is also a blue yote... but we rule over the other yotes! la la!)




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You were expecting perhaps a wolf here? Wolves can't find me here. I'm too quick. I hide in the shadows and wait for you to make that one mistake, and them I'm there, laughing into the night, letting my brothers and sisters know just how much you amuse me. Wouldn't it be fun to grease the driveway and watch all those skateboarders flip off their skateboards instead of stopping? Sure you don't know them, but wouldn't it be fun?

Welcome to Coyote Radio™ - 92.1 Astral FM - where only the yote tunes in to hear our Father Coyote. We are the tricksters of the world. We are the dance of the earth. We laugh because we can. We laugh because we must. We are the teachers and the tricksters. We are the pursuers of shiny things! We play with our brothers the ravens!

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Hey looks it's the other bluuuuu butt.... Check him out!