Welcome to my page of free poses for Wolfhome that I started way back when I started on WH in... what was that. 2000? 2001? Yikes.

     Here you will find BW .GIF poses you can colour any way you so desire for use on wolfhome. Enjoy! In order to celebrate the return of Wolfhome (in July 2005) to the masses, I have started to clean up this page and resize the outlines so they will be accepted easier without as much resizing.

    The outlines here are free to use on whatever graphic chat you desire, but are sized specifically for Wolfhome standards. My other freebies (which are not listed here) are much larger and intended for use on chats which allow such things, such as FurryOcity, CrossBreeds, Wildest Temptations, etc. and include poses that are not WH safe (such as cross species / dragons/ gryphons, etc.)

Pose Coloring Tutorial for PhotoShop (6.0) (2001)

Pose Coloring Tutorial for Photoshop (2004)

New Poses for 2004

In order to practice getting back into canine anatomy, I've started making poses again. These beginnings usually started with photographic reference on hand to create them, as I don't have the real thing handy...


Sleeping Fox Left (Based on Photograph)
Sleeping Fox Right
Outline for Sleeping Fox 


Jackal Lay Left (Based on Photograph)
Jackal Lay Right


Wolf Plushie LAY Left
Wolf Plushie LAY Right


Tri-colour Plushie sprawl
Tri-colour Plushie sprawl
Outline for Wolf Plushie


Tri-colour Plushie under a blanket
Tri-colour Plushie under a blanket


Tri-colour Wolf LAY pose (You will have to resize this to be accepted on WH)

(Based on Photograph)

Tri-colour Wolf LAY pose (You will have to resize this to be accepted on WH)


Old 2000-2001 Poses Below (Gah they are old...)


Crouching Wolfie Left
Crouching Wolfie Right


Play Bow Left
Play Bow Right


WH Size Version   Larger Chat Size Version

Patriot American Tinted Wolfie - Free Pose (pre-coloured)
This pose is free for all chats.

Larger Version on the Right Side for the larger chats (non-WH)

This image has been shrunk to 135 pixels to alleviate some issues with the pose  being larger than the average pose.

Larger Version on the Right Side for the larger chats (non-WH)


Snooze Wolf Left (Could be either due to head placement but paws going left....)

(These images shrunk from 158 to 135 pixels because of sizing  conflicts )

Snooze Wolf Right

This outline is free for all chats.


Crinos Creeping Left
Crinos Creeping Right


Lay Left
Lay Right


Crinos Howl  Left
Crinos Howl Right


Annoyed Wolf Left
Annoyed Wolf Right


Commissioned poses are usually $5.00 each for unique poses and I will finish them in about a week (as I am working now and that takes priority as it pays my bills), however, I have been known to finish poses within a few hours of the request. Recolored poses of ones I have already done are cheaper, obviously, and will take less time. Please send email to jhereg@coyoteradio.com with your request and either the color codes of your base pose or one of your poses so I can make a color match. I accept payments via Paypal, and address in which to send payments will be sent after I get your commission request/color codes.